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    Travelling by aeroplane or yacht can be stressful, and passengers always expect to find a comfortable and clean environment. With so many available choices of travel provider, you need to guarantee the utmost quality of service and surpass any expectation. Then, you will be able to build upon a positive impression and build both loyalty and reputation. 

    At Gemini GRP, we pride ourselves on our reliable, professional, and affordable specialist cleaning services that focus on quality and reliability. We are ISO accredited in facilities management, and our team is fully trained in the latest procedures, regulations, and products.  

    We always ensure your aircraft is cleaned quickly, as we understand the need for a swift service between flights. Our team has expertise in cleaning all areas of aircraft before they need to leave for the next flight, which allows you provide travellers with the assurance and the consistency of a timely flight, every time. 

    Specialised Cleaning of Aircraft and Yachts 

    Our team ensures that, no matter what the size of the aircraft may be, the interior will always look spotless. By providing a detailed service, we clean the different sections of the cabin, the baggage compartments and the cockpit. Your aircraft’s fixtures are thoroughly cleaned and polished, compartments are cleaned and disinfected, and seat cushions are properly cleaned. Should your seats be made of leather, our expert service ensures that the dye on the material isn’t damaged. Further cleaning will provide a smooth and brighter appearance for the leather seats. 

    The carpet of your aircraft sees high footfall throughout the year, and therefore can become expensive to clean. At Gemini GRP, we carefully spot clean the carpet to remove stains before a more exhaustive cleaning is done. We always ensure that the protective fire backing isn’t soaked or damaged, keeping in line with health and safety regulations. 

    Another area of an aircraft that requires a specialised and high-quality cleaning service is the bathroom. Cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces within the cabin’s bathrooms offers completely sanitised counter and toilet areas for an assurance of health standard compliance. 

    Additionally, we provide a service for yacht cleaning. This service leaves your yacht gleaming and thoroughly cleaned, allowing for a comfortable and fun sailing experience. Our yacht cleaning service includes polishing, vacuuming, dusting and scrubbing, so every inch of the yacht is looking its best.  

    Both the areas above and below deck will be cleaned from dust mites and dust, and completely disinfected too. Your yacht will soon have a fresh and clean environment, which we can provide either as a one-off or as a regular service.  

    Whether you need expert aircraft cleaning or yacht cleaning, at Gemini GRP we have a flexible and high-quality service.  

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    We provide a safe and clean environment for both employees and clients via our expert services. Contact us on 01254 846346 if you’re in need of aircraft or yacht cleaning services – you are assured a free no-obligation assessment of all of your cleaning requirements.

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